Welcome to Cure Any Addiction. I applaud the step you are taking by enrolling in this course.

With the best of intentions, for long we have concentrated our understanding of addictions around either a disguised moral failing or complete powerlessness, underpinned by the dopamine reward system while searching for a better way forward.

Abstinence by itself requires a HUGE buy-in from the addicted. And, once past medical concerns, various "treatments" for the habituated drug and alcohol users are difficult to apply to so-called process addictions like gambling, porn, over-eating and over-shopping.

The labels which come with an addiction also come with stigma. And that is to say nothing of the shame and embarrassment involved in admitting a problem exists in the first place.

For example, why is it we call a smoker who has quit an ex-smoker (already an improvement over some of the other labels). Why not just call that person healthy? Normal.

As you proceed through the course, these subtleties and more will become self-evident, while restoring your power to control and manage any of these habits, including given them up permanently.

To get the most out of the course, watch a video, read the text, and do the short homework assignment.

Prepare for some aha! moments and some jaw dropping perspective never before considered.

I'm going to completely change your views of what it means to be addicted.

Let's get started...

Stay powerful, never give up

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Advisor to Men


Power and Mental Fitness advisor gives you REAL support: You are here to rediscover your power. That’s my specialty. My story doesn’t matter as much as yours, so just know I led a faulted life for a long time which helps me understand others. I have a behavioural science background and hypnotism and counselling skills with specialties in addictions, anxiety, attachment, purpose as well as business and managing experience and bunch of other stuff accumulated over 30+ years of serving people. What counts is what could be the life-changing training I provide so you take charge of your life. Book a free call with me right here: https://go.oncehub.com/ChristopherWallace

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