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J Marcus Lindsey

WHAT VALUE DOES the 10MM BOARD BRING YOU? I see the Board as an opportunity to receive feedback and give feedback to men who are striving to become the best they can be. Encouragement and criticism from other men is something I didn't really understand until I started with the group. HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? It's worth every dollar. 10/10 Name J Marcus Lindsey Date 2022-03-22 Rating (5/5)


Stephen Morey

WHAT VALUE DOES10MM BOARD BRING YOU? Chris Wallace has created a culture of success within the 10MM fellowship. The success is due to the men in the group truly wanting to see one another be the best in their own lives and contribute to the world around them ins positive way. The group has benefited my own life in the following ways: 1. Mr. Wallace has found a perfect balance of extending a helping hand when I am struggling while challenging me to learn and grow from the circumstances that have occurred. He truly takes the time to teach you how to fish. 2. Mr. Wallace’s knowledge (and extensive formal training) in several aspects of mental and emotional processes makes the group much more than a place to tell you to “man up, we got your back” type of philosophy. I have learned much about the deeper roots of my issues through this group and skills to reduce anxiety on the spot. 3. All the men in the group are encouraging to each other, and Mr. Wallace has created a culture where the men in the group provide each other feedback to help each other become better. If a particular topic is within one of the men’s wheelhouse of experience, they are happy to share their knowledge and resources that they have found. 4. I have been introduced to several extremely helpful resources through the group, many of which have changed my life. HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? I very highly recommend 10MM for any man interested in being the best they can in life. The personal value I have received from the group is worth many times the small monthly fee that is required. No matter your need, you will find something that will change your life within the Board! Name Stephen Morey Date 2022-03-22 Rating (5/5)


Scott Buysse

WHAT VALUE DOES 10MM BOARD BRING YOU? The board help push me out of my comfort zone to help me make real and positive change in my life. It’s a place of no judgement, but also no excuses. HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? I would recommend this group(and I have to at least one) to anyone who feels lost, lonely, or too attached. We all have power in ourselves. The group works together recognize the power in each and everyone in the group. Name Scott Buysse Date 1982-06-25 Rating (5/5)Scott



WHAT VALUE 10MM BOARD BRING YOU? Weekly accountability, Camaraderie, and valued feedback from my peers which TRULY have my best interest at heart. HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? I truly can’t convey in words what an impact the 10MM Board has made on my life. I’m a disabled Marine Corps veteran, and a lot of horrors had followed me which all stemmed from a concussion grenade incident while serving. It had been closing in on 20 years from the injury when I met Christopher, and was introduced to the board of directors. I had been battling an opiate/ stimulant (Come/Meth)addiction since the first Percocet was prescribed to me at that time. It led me down a dark road filled with overdoses and a near decade long prison sentence. After my release, I went back to what I always knew worked for me to deal with my pain, and that was to use. The VA HOSPITAL became a second home as I would go to treatment, get clean, and back again. UNTIL, A friend referred me to Christopher. I was extremely hesitant, because programs, and rehabs are pretty much the same run-of-the-mill jargon. THE DIFFERENCE WAS, Christopher had lived, and walked in similar shoes as me, and when I heard his story I let my guard down, and listened to the wealth of knowledge that he had. I had never in my life heard addiction, and the reasons why we use, broken down into the smallest detail, until I was led to the board of directors. For the first time in my life I understood why I was doing what I was doing. I remember the first introductory phone call we had which was 1.5 hours long. In just that introduction into his addiction education, I had already grasped more than the countless hours of rehabs and therapists. Once I started understanding the WHY of my addiction, I started to realize the depths of who I was as a man, and truly the deficiencies which I had. Christopher lays out in such detail, and guides you on how to rectify those deficiencies. Things I never understood about myself, I started to see clearly. Though i’ve always felt confident, with that added clarity, came additional confidence. I’m so grateful to be part of such an anomaly of a group, because I don’t know of anything out there that is like this. Christopher Wallace, and the 10MM Board offers guidance, cultivates men, and chisels them into elite form! I know when I say “I am a Board of Directors member for life!“, many, if not all members can offer the same sentiments. Thanks Chris. 🙏🙏🙏 Name: JD Date 1979-12-24 Rating (5/5)



Maybe you've never thought about it: time spent with men.

You ought to think about it now.

The secret to success is cooperation. 

Belonging is everything to humans.

In fact, the need to belong underwrites the whole emotional system. 

Connect = feel good.

Disconnect = feel bad.

A lack of social connection has twice the effect on health as obesity. 

Low connection brings your mortality in line with that of a smoker...  even if you never touch a cigarette...

Heart attacks, strokes, blood pressure, autoimmune disease and cancer, all worse when belonging goes amiss.

The most reliable predictor of happiness all over the world is a sense of harmony with those you care about — personal relationships and social support. 

Seeing someone you call a close friend or lover daily is worth about a 100K per year in equivalent life satisfaction.

Indirectly, our Defender Boards help you with personal relationships by making you stronger... so they are easier.

Directly... we help your social support. 

One of the men likes to say the internet could save men. 

I agree. 

Here's my ongoing concerns:

We are becoming isolated now more than ever. 

Whereas we used to have friends over to the house in decades past, that happens less and less now.

Less social groups, less volunteering.

It's all internet, social media and TV. The more of it we do, the less of everything else. 

The heaviest users suffer from more loneliness and depression.

The  smartphone has young people hooked...

... again, more use means more depression. 

It's all unnatural.

You know what I tell my kids? 

I convinced the boy when he was about five that watching any electronics caused brain worms. 

I told him these take over your brain slowly but surely until they are controlling you.

Whenever he gets too much screen time, you can see it in him. 

The obsessiveness, the boundary pushing, and even rude remarks.

 Luckily, I have the cure: tickling. 

Someone has to save him from himself...

He loves it. Even asks me to remove his brain worms, taunting me...

Don't worry... 

I'm not going to tickle you. Relax. 

But when you join a men's group, we will laugh... 

Oh yes, we will... 

I actually want you on the screen, but under your control.

Things are changing in the digital era.

 Teenagers just hanging with each other has dropped 40% or more in the last twenty years.


More than half of Americans now sometimes feel alone and left out. 

The fear in FOMO is for real. (fear of missing out). 

We are increasingly conned by a consumerist society.

Americans average 240 hours annual people contact vs over a thousand hours of TV.

Half of meals eaten are now eaten alone. 

What the ...? 

What about breaking bread together?

Hey, don't get me wrong: some people prefer seclusion. 

Those curmudgeons. Bless their hearts.

But not most. 

MOST of us need meaningful contact with each other. 

Or we die a little inside each day...

And just because a guy is married with kids doesn't mean he won't feel it. 

Half of lonely people are lonely within the family structure. 

Loneliness has life and death consequences. 

More isolation...
- increases stress hormones, 
- lowers your ability to learn, 
and causes inflammatory diseases like 
- arthritis, 

- heart disease, 

- chronic pain, 

- diabetes 

- dementia. 

My old man died of dementia not long ago. He really suffered his last few years. 

It was tough to watch...

Screw that. I'm going to live to one hundred and die in my sleep... like a man should. 

This all happens to men not because he can’t or won’t do something about it, and it’s usually just because life demands make it hard. 


It's time, too busy taking care of business and others.

You need at least a handful of men you feel you can confide in and/or ask for help to gain perspective outside your own. 

That's a must.

Your missus (bless her heart) is too biased and it damages your relationship to take your stuff to her.

Tom says: "I highly rate and recommend 10M Men, Chris is a great facilitator and the men that this group attracts all have great insights to contribute. There's also a bunch of additional content that comes along with it which was a pleasant surprise." Tom McGinn 2022

Many of us grew up with distant fathers. Not all of us but many men are more comfortable with women, just because we're not used to it. 

It can leave us with a nice-guy syndrome and out of touch with our masculinity. 

Yet, having a male peer you can bounce things off is a critical success advantage. It helps in all areas.

Having men to turn to helps you:

- set goals 
- find more purpose
 - watch for obstacles 
- discuss challenges 
- overcome road-blocks 
- support your efforts  
- incrementally improve  
- implement more effective control over your life 

- stay connected to the masculine tribe

This is not because you can’t or won’t: it’s usually just because demands on your life make it hard.

WHY? most men don’t have a lot of time for other men

Yet, having a group of peers you can bounce things off is a critical success advantage. 

It helps in all the other areas.

Having a group of men to turn to helps you:

- set goals 
- find more purpose
 - watch for obstacles 
- discuss challenges 
- overcome road-blocks 
- support your efforts 
- incrementally improve 
- implement more effective control over your life.


When you were a kid, you had activities where you found peers. Haphazard experiences (challenging and rewarding), important as young males exploring life. 

The problem as grown men is we can be set adrift for years as we focus on career and family obligations. 

We lose the male connections so vital to our growth.

What if it doesn't have to be this way...?



Typically, men need a reason to meet up. 

To occupy your time, you need a payoff given your commitments. 

It's to your advantage to have a quality peer group, a mastermind peopled with like-minded men...  on your side.


Let me ask you this: when was the last time you invested in you? 

Because, we all need mentoring, coaching and constant learning, especially in these fast-paced and ever-changing times. 

If you are not expanding, you're dying. 

We make it easy for you:



10MM Defender Board is for those who aspire to live True and Free. 

It's a way to take greater control of your life so you get what you want. 

Living True and Free means living truthfully and faithfully to your purpose, and less at the behest of those around you. 

Sure, serving your job, family, clients, communities and so forth is good, while doing so on your own terms is better and more fulfilling.

A man who uses his power & love in service of himself and others finds meaning.... and freedom.

Don't worry, we'll teach you how to live with purpose on your first day: you need to know this.



In this innovative group, you have access to a weekly Zoom call with other men. 

Over time, these guys become your secret ingredient: a mixed group who provide critical oversight to your efforts without fear of judgment or rejection, as you provide your insight to them in return. 

These are your fellow brothers in arms, collectively dedicated to lives of improvement.


This is different and often better than counselling: it is feedback, encouragement, acccountability, under the heartfelt counsel of men...

It's benefitting from shared thinking... the men see themselves in you and you see yourself  in them. 

It's standing shoulder to shoulder against the enemies of a worthwhile existence among each other. 

You'll keep an eye on 4 areas: body, spirit, people and work...


You get  accountability partners who will not let you fail as you chip away daily at your future with a renewed roadmap.


Defenders use a Private 
WhatsApp channel to stay in touch, daily if necessary

The idea is to build a trusted group of men who have your back, guys you can rely upon for wise council.

Relationships, Generativity, & Legacy, in people, work, spirit and the body are the realms over which you have dominion. 

And we go much deeper as you progress...

These are the elements to your power as you build a life to be proud of, one filled with deeper meaning.


Note: you must agree to confidentiality in the group to participate.

 $100 signup WAIVED $69/month no contract.

Note these times: 

10MM Morning Oaks
Saturday 7:30 am EST 


10MM Matinee Monsters
 10:30am EST Saturdays.


( To defeat any addiction, including binge eating)
EST = eastern time, New York. Toronto

More times announced as needed

Here's some recent feedback:

Here is some more: 


Weekly accountability to being the best possible version of myself. Connecting with other men who are on the path of being better men. Insights and valuable feedback onto my current situation/sharing. Inspiration and encouragement. Really great group.


I would recommend it for any man who needs weekly accountability and has never joined a men's group before. It was the first time I ever joined a men's group and I will never forget it. Some of the things Iearned in the group were insights I will probably take to my grave. Absolutely fantastic.

Oliver Cowlishaw




Your starting rate locks in for life, no increases, the best deal on the internet


Power and Mental Fitness advisor to men gives you REAL support: You are here to rediscover your power. That’s my specialty. My story doesn’t matter as much as yours, so just know I led a faulted life for a long time which helps me understand others. I have a behavioural science background and hypnotism and counselling skills with specialties in addictions, anxiety, shame, families and attachment, stress, sleep, diet, fitness, purpose, as well as business and managing experience and bunch of other stuff accumulated over 30+ years of serving people. What counts is what could be the life-changing training I provide so you take charge of your life. Book a free call with me right here: https://go.oncehub.com/ChristopherWallace

What the men say about 10MM (testimonials)


Tomohawk McGinn

WHAT VALUE DOES 10MM BRING YOU? It gives me a space to reflect on my week with a group of men who are going to challenge me on the areas of my life that I'm not showing up fully in and give me encouragement in the areas that I am. 10MM gives me a sense of accountability that has helped me to develop a much healthier lifestyle for myself (in my time here I've given up both smoking a drinking and have drastically reduced the amount of sugar in my diet). It also gives me a space to laugh and grow with men who want to improve themselves. This space is hard to come by in my day to day life and there's a massive amount of value in that. HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? I highly rate and recommend 10MM. Chris is a great facilitator and the men that this group attracts all have great insights to contribute. There's also a bunch of additional content that comes along with it which was a pleasant surprise! Name Tomohawk McGinn Date 2022-12-31 Rating (5/5)



WHAT VALUE DOES 10MM BRING YOU? 10MM has shown me how to address my problems directly, and helped me to live up to my potential. Having a group of other men for mutual accountability has been great. So far, my work situation has improved, I’ve identified personal problems that once held me back, and I’ve weaned myself off of two (no kidding) medications from childhood that were altering my mood, and which I no longer needed due to clean living. That’s what new confidence will do for you. I’ve gone nowhere but up! HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? I strongly recommend 10MM to any man who feels adrift in life and needs fellowship that he can’t get in person, or which he usually receives in a feminized environment that just doesn’t click. At this point, in our deeply broken society, that’s nearly all of them. Give the Board a try, and you won’t regret it! Name Chris C Date 1994-12-15 Rating (5/5)


Eric Moser

WHAT VALUE DOES 10MM BRING YOU? The ability to connect with like-minded men and to get feedback and perspective about different goals and challenges. HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? If you need a regular spike of support and feedback, the 10MM is the best value for your money. Its convenient and effective in keeping you on track to be a powerful man. Name Eric Moser Date 2022-03-24 Rating (5/5)



HOW STRONGLY CAN YOU RATE & RECOMMEND 10MM? This is by far one of the best groups I have ever attended. And I have tried a few before. We all are here with very similar problems, that helps. But what really creates a lot of benefit is to have the mix of a normal group that meets with an excellent expert Therapist combined that moderates and sets the right little triggers at the right moments. Chris knowledge in that area is impressive and he is really a great person too. He cares to get the little nice men wimps to become real lions. I strongly recommend joining this group if you want to change. If you just want to attend and feel better like in a lot of groups do not go. This will be tough, because it's no bs, and really to the point of doing actual change in your life. The group and Chris will help you and support you but you have to put in the work. Name Max Date 2022-03-25 Rating (5/5)

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