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 In the old days, we lived in small tribes. There, each man was brought up first by caregivers and eventually, under the careful apprenticeship of warriors and hunters. Nothing about our psychology has changed since the advent of capitalism and globalism.
 We are still men who need to belong. Who need to stand and defend, deliver, discern, discuss or delay and decide on behalf of those to whom we count as our own.

 Indeed, very few men can undertake a task without standing shoulder to shoulder with other men of like-minded purpose. Men are adaptable souls who can change with the winds to meet circumstances but let us not forget the true secret to success is cooperation.
 Truth must be your lens to freedom, to living True and Free. Let this be a place to come for advice and give advice. Think of the group as your consultants sitting around the fire in discussion.
 Men need tribes of men. It is one of the primary differences between men and women.
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 We describe honour as the esteem of those you care about for we know that you live more meaningfully as an honourable man.

William writes:
“Anyone reading this… Spend the four bucks a month and get in Christopher’s Men of Honour group and start reading the absolute gold that’s posted daily, let alone the past module content. I haven’t got it all figured out but it’s one hell of a doorway to walk through.”

 A man who uses his power in service of himself and others finds meaning and freedom.

 Post your links, connect and network. Don't spam the group, obviously.

 The group is closed and confidential so we may speak freely.
 Apply today and level up your game.

Stay powerful, true, and free!

Included in this group is full discussion and advice, Sunday "church" check ins, files with valuable information including sections on body, spirit, relationships and work from a library of advisor to men writings.


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Power and Mental Fitness advisor to men gives you REAL support: You are here to rediscover your power. That’s my specialty. My story doesn’t matter as much as yours, so just know I led a faulted life for a long time which helps me understand others. I have a behavioural science background and hypnotism and counselling skills with specialties in addictions, anxiety, shame, families and attachment, stress, sleep, diet, fitness, purpose, as well as business and managing experience and bunch of other stuff accumulated over 30+ years of serving people. What counts is what could be the life-changing training I provide so you take charge of your life. Book a free call with me right here:

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