What happens when communication with people around us falters?

How about when when our expectation for how life is supposed to unfold is nothing like what is actually happening? What about that disconnect?

It’s around those times we may feel in our belly a tension, or a buzzing which signals danger, like as if it’s a kind of threat to our existence… Even though the circumstances don’t justify this feeling when looking at them soberly.

It could be during a disagreement that we wonder if we are simply being triggered by a long-buried feeling or circumstance. If you have ever wondered this, you are probably right.

Sometimes, fear is because we are standing on the side of the freeway with a flat tire and cars are whizzing by at high speed. We are supposed to be a little shit disturbed in that instance. .

But at other times we are affected long past when any threat has passed…

And this always comes from our history.  

Why would it derive from anything else?

We learn guilt somewhere between ages 4 and 6.

We can learn shame well under two years old. 

It’s often sourced in abandonment fear and we usually don’t have a clue.

We might grow up with the the suspicion we are a little off comparatively.

Or worse. Maybe even...  broken.

In any case, it makes us live small. With others, and especially, on behalf of ourselves.

Might be nice to tackle this one before more time goes by....

Before we reach the end of our lives and realize we have lived a diminished existence.

Stand with me and declare, NO WAY.

The goal of this course is NO HOOKS.

To learn enough to know the difference between real threats and old programming operating beneath the surface of your awareness.

Because with awareness come agency. 

That's when you can act in your better interests if you choose.

You can’t have free will if you don’t even know about something.

Awareness brings about the possibility of Change: Of Growth and Personal Power.

You need that. I need that. We all need that. 

There are enough weak men out there.

You are not going to be one of them.

 It’s the best work you’ll ever do.

This is how you do it.

It’s not a tear-down and a rebuild either…

This is no Re and Re: No remove and replace…

it’s kind of like a tune-up. 

It’s critical high performance adjustments done while you get to know the beautiful human machine that is you.

This is how we integrate the past and the present.

... work we all need to do.

Join me as I walk you through the process, 

And help you find your power again. 

Take the course, do the exercises and the homework. If you don`t think it`s worth the price you paid, give me your feedback and I`ll refund you in full. 

Course Curriculum

About the instructor

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Power and Mental Fitness advisor gives you REAL support: You are here because you need help rediscovering your power as a man. That’s my specialty. My story doesn’t matter, just know I led a faulted life for a long time which helps me understand others. I have a behavioural science background and hypnotism skills and counselling and a bunch of other stuff over 30+ years of helping people. Forget all that. What counts is the life-changing training I’m going to provide you so you take charge of your life. Book a free call with me right here: