Welcome to your napping course. I'm so glad you're here because I think you're going to really love this and take advantage of what a gift napping can be to everyone.

I'm going to teach you everything I know about napping. There's more to it than you think. Once you watch these three short videos, you'll have enough tips and tricks for napping anywhere, anytime.

This is something I never was able to do.

I now pride myself on being able to take a nap in most places.

Forgive me, I can’t express how impressed I am with myself given my history. Years ago, napping seemed an impossibility.

Now, if there’s a darkish room where I can lie horizontal, I can nap easily. Moreover, I can nap in my truck with the seat back, get this: during the day in the parking lot of a gas station!

Over time, I’ve gotten so good at it, more than once I’ve napped in departure lounges of major airports, or in the waiting room of a hospital emergency room.

There’s more…

My wife had an eighteen-hour labour over two days delivering our first child, my daughter Charlotte AND her sisters came into town to help her. Two years later, when little Howard came along, just like they had with the first delivery big sisters were here again. And they were great!

Howard was going to be a special delivery at Mt Sinai Hospital in Toronto. We had no idea what would happen but knew there would be challenges.

Right in the delivery room, specialists and nurses running about, machines beeping all around, the sisters’ reassuring voices encouraging, I found myself a nice chair about 20 feet away and settled in for the wait.

Not long after getting comfortable, I sensed my brain shutting down. It had been an intensive few weeks leading up the big day, added to by the 100-kilometer trip into town with two sisters in tow. You learn to do this when you get good at napping. You can recognize the signs for what they are. I closed my eyes.

“WALLY, YOU’RE MISSING IT” was the shout I heard from the missus in what felt was like moments later. Typical of subsequent deliveries, this one came faster. I jumped out the chair just in time to see the baby drop.

After we were introduced to our son, off he went to be handled by the team.

That left missus and her sisters looking at me in wonder, asking how it was possible for me to nap at a time like this?

All I could do was smile and say, “What?”  I felt zero shame in it either.

Napping is for everyone. It’s for you especially.

 It can be a key component to maintaining your effectiveness during the day. It can save your life in more than one way.

Keep reading to find out how...

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    THE NAPPING ADVANTAGE: How to live better and longer by napping

    • Napping part one


    • Napping part two


    • Napping part three




About the instructor

Advisor to Men


Power and Mental Fitness advisor to men gives you REAL support: You are here to rediscover your power. That’s my specialty. My story doesn’t matter as much as yours, so just know I led a faulted life for a long time which helps me understand others. I have a behavioural science background and hypnotism and counselling skills with specialties in addictions, anxiety, shame, families and attachment, stress, sleep, diet, fitness, purpose, as well as business and managing experience and bunch of other stuff accumulated over 30+ years of serving people. What counts is what could be the life-changing training I provide so you take charge of your life. Book a free call with me right here: https://go.oncehub.com/ChristopherWallace

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